Questions about the Merger

Why are ODFJS Federal Credit Union and Pathways Merging?

This merger brings significant new benefits to our members. Our goal is to partner with a very progressive credit union that will deliver many more products and services to members, expand our geographic presence, open-up access to a complete digital member experience, and provide additional growth opportunities – all with the same personalized service we’ve always offered.


Who are we merging with?

ODJFS Federal Credit Union (ODJFS FCU) is merging with Pathways Financial Credit Union (Pathways).  Pathways is headquartered in Columbus, is federally insured, financially strong, and well capitalized.  Pathways has more than $600 million in assets, 52,510 members, and 11 full-service branch locations in Central Ohio, Dayton, Springfield, and Southwest Ohio.


When will the merger happen?

The legal merger of the two organizations will be complete on October 31, 2022. 


Can you give some examples of the benefits of merging?

A merger provides the resources to bring members greater value through additional products/services, advanced technological platforms/capabilities, expanded branch/ATM network, and competitive deposit and loan rates. 


Some additional benefits are:

•             Expanding from one to 11 full-service branch locations

•             Access to the nationwide Shared Branching network Competitive deposit rates

•             1.5% cash back Rewards Mastercard®

•             More consumer and real estate loan options Health Savings and IRA Accounts

•             Financial education resources

•             Credit and budget counseling services Drive-thru teller service at most branches

•             Deposit insurance through NCUA and Excess Share Insurance (ESI) Expanded mobile banking services

•             High Yield Owner Rewards Savings Account


Does the leadership of both credit unions support this merger?

Absolutely. After careful study, deliberation, and negotiation, the management teams and board of directors of both credit unions are confident that this merger will benefit our members, employees, and both credit unions.   

Did the members vote on the merger proposal?

Yes. Regulations required that all eligible ODJFS FCU members who are in good standing be given an opportunity to vote on the merger. At the Special Meeting held on September 20, 2022, the members overwhelmingly voted to merge with Pathways.

Where can I get additional information about the merger?

For additional information regarding the merger, please call 614-237-3200, e-mail us at or visit

Operational Questions:

Will members have to re-apply for membership?

No.  All your account relationships with ODJFS FCU will automatically transfer over to Pathways. 


Will member account numbers change?

Yes, there will be a slight change to your existing ODJFS FCU account number.   We will provide you with your new account number as we get closer to the merger's effective date.


Do I have to make changes to my ACH deposits and/or payments that I currently have setup?

No.  All your ACH deposits and payments will transfer over to Pathways. 


Who will year-end tax information come from?

You will receive two 1099 tax statements for your ODJFS & Pathways accounts.  The ODJFS FCU tax statement will include your dividends from 01/01/2022 – 10/31/2022 and you will receive a second 1099 from Pathways 11/1/2022 – 12/31/2022


Will the ODJFS FCU branch be closing after the merger?

ODJFS FCU will continue to operate from the State Office Tower location until the date of the merger at which time, the branch will close.

Products and Services Questions:


What happens to my deposit accounts?

Your deposit accounts will continue to be structured as they always have. As in the past, any changes to deposit account dividend rates will be decided upon by credit union management and declared by the credit union’s Board of Directors.


What happens to my Share Certificates?

All your Share Certificates will have the same rates and terms.  The rates on your Share Certificates will not change until they mature. 


Will members have to order new checks?

No.  You can continue to write checks from your current supply of checks just as you have always done.


How will the merger affect my debit and/or credit card?

Members will be issued a new Pathways Mastercard Debit Card the week before the official merger date.  Your Visa Credit Card will be replaced by a Pathways Mastercard Credit Card later in the year.


Will deposits still be insured by the NCUA and ESI?

Yes, the NCUA will continue to provide deposit insurance up to $250,000 alongside the additional Excess Share Insurance (ESI) protection of an additional $250,000.


What happens to loans?

After the merger, all loans will continue to have the same rates, terms, and conditions as the original loan.  ODJFS FCU member loan payment preferences will also carry over to Pathways.


Will my direct deposit be impacted by the merger?

ODJFS FCU members should not experience any impact in terms of direct deposit, no matter what the source of the direct deposit is.

Where can I get additional information about the merger?

For additional information regarding the merger, please call 614-237-3200, e-mail us at or visit